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7 October 2018

Library Science competitive Exam Choose the Best Answer Objective type Questions with Answers

Library Science Question and Answers
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

It’s covered on the Syllabus of
UGC / National Eligibility Test – NET / State Eligibility Test – SET /
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission – TNPSC Recruitments and other Library Recruitment Examinations

{Choose the Best answer}

Question No.1:

What is the main record of the Library?

a) Catalogue         b) Stock Register

c) Shelf List           d) Accession Register

The Answer is: d) Accession Register

Question No.2:

The term ‘Bespeaking’ is used for which of the following?

a) Returning of books     b) Issuing of Books

c) Reservation of books   d) Inter Library Loan

The Answer is: C) Reservation of Books

Question No.3:

Who is the Father of the Library Movement in India?

a) Viswanathan               b) B.S.Keshavan

c) S.R.Ranganathan        d) P.N.Kaula

The Answer is: C) S.R.Ranganathan

Question No.4:

National Library Week in India is observed during the month of____

a) August              b) November

c) January             d) December

The Answer is: B) November

Question No.5:

Ancient writings and Libraries;

a) Palm Leaf                    1. Summerians

b) Clay Tablets                2. Indian writing material

c) Papyrus                      3. Oldest Book of Egyptians sayings of Ptahhotep

d) Prissy Papyrus            4. Egyptian writing material

          A        B        C       D

a)      1        2        3        4

b)      2        4        3        1

c)       2        1        4        3

d)      4        3        2        1

The Answer is: C) 2       1       4       3

Question No.6:

The Model Public Libraries Bill was drafted under the Chairmanship of

a) Dr.S.R.Ranganathan             b) B.S.Keshavan

c) M.D.Sen                               d) K.P.Sinha

The Answer is: A) Dr.S.R.Ranganathan

Question No.7:

Which one of the following is not a Library extension activity?

a) Book Exhibition                    b) Film shows

c) Inter Library Loan                 d) Lectures and Talks

The Answer is:    C ) Inter Library Loan

Question No.8:

Browne system in the Libraries is mean for

a) Classification of books          b) Selection of Books

c) Circulation of Books              d) Cataloguing of Books

The Answer is:    C) Circulation of Books

Question No.9:

Which Law of Library Science, emphasises on weeding of books from the Library?

a) First Law           b) Second Law

c) Third Law          d) Fifth Law

The Answer is: D) fifth Law

Question No.10:

Which are Academic Libraries?

a) School Libraries                    b) College Libraries

c) University Libraries               d) All the above

The Answer is:  D) All the Above

Question No.11:


a) Making discoveries by accident

b) Making discoveries by experiment

c) Making discoveries by observation

d) Making discoveries through experience

The Answer is:  A) Making Discoveries by Accident

Question No.12:

The degree of relationship between variables is defined as

a) Regression                  b) deviation

c) Correlation                  d) variation

The Answer is:  C) Correlation

Question No.13:

r= x y / N is the formula for

a) Correlation                  b) regression

c) deviation                    d) variation

The Answer is:  A) Correlation

Question No.14:

Who first coined the term ‘Bibliometry’

a) E.W.Hulme                  b) S.R.Ranganathan

c) Fauthorne                            d) Alan Pritchard

The Answer is:  D) Alan Pritchard

Question No.15:

I = h + h2 is a bibliometric law proposed by

a) Samuel Clement Bradford

b) F.F.Leimkanlev

c) G.K.Zipf

d) Gstare Herden

The Answer is:  A) Samuel clement Bradford

Question No.16:

f (x+y) = a+b log (x+y) – which Indian LIS professional proposed this formula of Bibliometrics?

a) Sen Gupta                  b) Ravichandra Rao

c) Lalitha Sharma            d) A.R.D. Prasad

The Answer is:  A) Sen Gupta

Question No.17:

Choose the formula for standard deviation

a) Σx2 / N                        b) Σ |x| / N

c)  Σ D2 / N3 - n               d) Σ (O – E)2 / E

The Answer is: A) Σx2 / N

Question No.18:

Zipf’s Law of frequency of word-text relation formula is

a) r x f = K                      b) k x f = r

c) r – f = K                      d) k – f = r

The Answer is:  A) r x f = K

Question No.19:

VINITTI is located at

a) Russia                        b) USA

c) UK                              d) France

The Answer is: A) Russia

Question No.20:

The term ‘scientometrics’ was introduced in the year of

a) 1967                          b) 1976

c) 1987                          d) 1997

The Answer is: B) 1976


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