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9 November 2018

Contributory Pension Scheme – Rate of interest for the financial year 2018-2019

Cps திட்டத்தில் சந்தா தொகை செலுத்தியவர்களுக்கான
2018-2019 நிதி ஆண்டிற்க்கான வட்டிவீதம் குறித்த அரசானை வெளியீடு
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1 October 2018

TN E-Seva Centers in Lists in Pdf Download | Tamil Nadu E-Sevai Centers lists

Government of Tamil Nadu (TNeGA)

Now Available in 92 Services includes licenses, bill Payments and all government services

TN E-Governance Agency (TNEGA), The State Nodal Agency has been formed to support and drive all E-Governance initiatives of the Government of Tamil Nadu. 

TNEGA is implementing various E-Governance projects with objective of making all Government services, where ever accessible to the common man in an efficient and transparent manner.

 Board Members of Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency consists of the Secretaries of 11 Mission Mode Departments to guide the Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency in its e-Governance activities and deliver the services to citizens.

List of new e-Sevai Centers Address Details – Click Here


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