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1 October 2018

{Part – 3} - Current affair Questions for TNPSC, TET, TRB, TNUSRB, Bank Exams and RRB in the Month of July – 2018

21. _______ is an upgraded version of the  Swedish Bofors gun procured by India in the mid – 1980s
         A. Dhanush                      B. Vajra
         C. Praher                         D. Stinger

22. As per QS World University Rankings 2019,  India’s top ranked institution is ____
         A. IISc, Bangalore
         B. IIT, Delhi
         C. IIT, madras
         D. IIT, Bombay

23. MBBS students in which state have now been given the option of writing their exams in Highlish (a combination of Hindi and English)
         A. Utter Pradesh
         B. Rajasthan
         C. Madhya Pradesh
         D. Bihar

24. Who was sworn-in as prime Minister of Spain of June 2, 2018 after ousting veteran conservative leader Mariano Rajoy?
           A. Giuseppe Conte
           B. Matteo Selvini
           C. Christian Ntsay
           D. Pedro Sanchez

25. Who has been appointed as the acting chairman of Union public Service Commission (UPSC) from June 20, 2018?
           A. Arvind Saxena
           B. M K Jain
           C. Sharad Kumar
           D. Vinay Mittai

26. Which pair of countries made its first appearance at the 21st FIFA World Cup in Russia?
           A. Panama, Senegal
           B. Senegal, Iceland
           C. Iceland, panama
           D. Japan, Costa Rica
27. Which country scripted new ODI record of 481 runs on June 18, 2018?
          A. Australia                       B. England
          C. South Africa                  D. New Zealand

28. Which pair won the men’s and women’s singles title in the French Open 2018?
          A. Rafael Nadal & Sloane Stephens
          B. Dominic Thiem & Slmona Halep
          C. Dominic Thiem & Sloane Steohens
          D. Rafeal Nadal & Simona Halep

29. India’s first companion robot created by Emotix to address the social needs of Indian parents and children is______
          A. MIKO                             B. CART
          C. JUMBO                           D. FANTOM

30. Scientists from which country have unveiled the world’s most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer, summit, that can complete over 2,00,000 trilion calculations per second?
          A. China                             B. USA
          C. India                              D. Japan

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